General Repairs

We offer a full service, preventative maintanence as a general repair service. We perform high quality, guarenteed service that you can trust at a fair price. We repair all kinds of vehicle.

Accident Repairs

At Tor Trucks, we aim to make the repair process as swift and hassle free as possible. With our access to specialist equipment, including our Josam jigs, we are well equipped to undertake major chassis, cab and body repairs.

Vehicle Painting

At our painting facility, we have state of the art Junair ovens equipped with the best dust extraction facilities and of course, waterbourne technology. Services include Cab, Chassis, Shot Blasting and airbrush art.


With a fantastic fabrication process, we are able to perform virtually every required metal fabrication process including bending, press braking, hidg definition plasma cutting and shearing.

Sign writing

Whether your truck is new or used, or has had a recent body swap or any accident repair work undertaken, we can offer our truck signwriting services to meet your individual needs.

Vehicle Modifications

We offer a vehicle recovery service that can manage both light vehicle recovery and heavy vehicle recovery. We also provide a vehicle movement service.

Specialist kit

  • Full Josam Jig
  • Josam Cab jig
  • Josam Wheel Alignment
  • Caroliner Car commercial jig, and car o tronics
  • Caroliner boron steel spot welder
  • Caroliner mig and migbraising welders
  • Blackhawk pulling tower system
  • Fully operational fabrication shop,
  • Ally, steel, and stainless specialist welding,
  • Miracle dent system,
  • Junair 40Ft Light commercials oven,
  • Junair 70Ft Commercial oven with 50/50 spilt,
  • State of the art Dust extraction and waterbourne technology,
  • Shotblasting facility leo,

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